About Solar Fountain Pump

The solar fountain pump converts light energy into electricity through photovoltaic panels. 

In the leisure afternoon, you can sit on the bench and watch the fish in the pond swim happily, and the birds fly around the solar fountain in the pond. This solar fountain pump adds a breath of life to the garden.

  • The characteristics of the solar fountain pump: energy saving, no electric shock hazard, recyclable water, automatic work in the sun, no manual duty.
  • Solar fountain pump is versatile: perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen.


Even if you don’t have a fish tank or a small pond, you can make your own mini waterscape.

  • Using a flower pot, a clear bell closh and stainless steel basin on the floor laughingpebbles
                    Step 1                                                        Step 2

                            Step 3                                                      Step 4

                   Customer's Voice

  • This little fountain is easy to assemble, tucks nicely into the bowl of a birdbath (or other receptacle), and absorbs solar energy from direct sunlight. Then it releases water through the fountain. It’s made of quality plastic and keeps on working as it sits in the sun everyday.

  • I use it in a birdbath that I placed in a sunny spot. It has to be in the sun for it to work. The technology of this solar fountain is not the same as that of solar lights. It does not keep the charge. It works directly off the sun. It stops pumping once the direct sun is passed. It looks very pretty and I love sitting near the birdbath listening to the water.

  • This was a Christmas gift for my husband. We loved the faux pebble design and the solar powered water flow is awesome to keep the water moving. It attaches better to the base than our past cement bird baths. It’s less likely to tip over.

  • This is a great device!! No need for wires across the lawn or a huge electrician bill! Just put it and it works!! I love that it has different spouts so that you can choose what you want and itll start by itself when it gets enough sunlight!!

Of course, there are also bad feedback. Some customers feedback that the solar fountain pump does not work when there is no sun, solar fountain pumps need to work under sunlight in the ground, this is for sure

         Installation Method