AISITIN 5.5W LED Solar Fountain, Solar Water Fountains with 3000mAh Battery 6 Nozzles, for Bird Bath, Garden and Outdoor,etc.

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AISITIN 5.5W LED Solar Fountain Pump with LED Light, New Upgraded 3000mAh Storage Battery with 16 Nozzles Solar Bird Bath Fountains for Garden, Bird Bath, Pond, Swimming Pool

  • 【5.5W Solar Panel】Solar Fountain equipped a newly upgraded 5.5W Solar Panel, which absorbs sunlight more efficiently, 3000mAh Built-in Battery, Super long service life. It works automatically within 3 seconds under direct sunlight, with simple operation and high efficiency.
  • 【8 Colorful LED Lights】The Built-in Battery of the Solar Fountain Pump is charged under direct sunlight during the day, and automatically turns on 8 colorful LED lights at night. When the Built-in Battery is fully charged, the fountain can work up to 6-8 hours at night, and the color of the LED light can automatically change, making your garden look extra beautiful at night.
  • 【16 Different Nozzles】There are 16 different nozzles included in the package, rotary nozzle and normal nozzle will produce different spray shapes. Also, the included double layer nozzle bases can assemble 2 nozzles together to get a dual sprinkler for even more fun.
  • 【3 Retractable Brackets】There are 3 betractable brackets specially designed for bird baths on the outside of the Solar Bird Bath Fountains. Open the brackets and the fountain can be fixed in the middle of the birdbath to avoid drift and better prevent water from splashing out of the birdbath, let you say goodbye to the trouble of frequent water addition.
  • 【Water Shortage Protection】The Solar Water Fountain is equipped with water shortage protection and filter screen. When the water level is too low, the water pump will automatically stop working to prevent dry burning; the filter screen can prevent dirt, dust and leaves from entering and prolong the service life of the fountain.

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Kimbrell
My disappointment

I think the model I bought was this one. Nevertheless they all seem about the same. I needed a product with battery backup. I knew I would not get optimum use due to the location of the birdbath. Only have about four hours of direct sunlight each day this time of the year. Now, that was ok with me. First day I put it in direct sun for about four hours. Then I placed it in the bird bath after sunset. It looked beautiful . Unfortunately the nice display lasted less than one hour. Second day I placed the fountain at various locations in my yard , in direct sunlight for 10 plus hours. Waited till after dark then placed the fountain in the birdbath. The result was ZERO, nothing, no water no lights. I then took it in the house, put it in the kitchen sink, with and without lights. GOT NOTHING.

So what do I do? I need a unit that will work in not the best light conditions, store energy in a battery that will provide 5-6 hour of service,as advertised. Also I don’t want a big ugly soar panel off to the side junking up the yard.

Hope you have a positive suggestion.

Thank you
Rick kimbrell

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