Decorative stone fence

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The best way to get space in your.
To create a garden!
Our Aisitin - lawn boundary is the perfect addition to yours Garden. The border is designed in stone optics so that it looks like you used real stones.
The "Aisitin" lawn border is ideal for edging your plant beds, garden paths, lawn edges, etc. This is a much cheaper option than setting real stones. You also have a lot more design options, as the lawn border is very easy to adjust and relocate.

Easy to apply
The decorative lawn border is very easy to attach and you need no tools whatsoever for this. Eighth just make sure you have the product in a soft surface put it in, then let it sit in Attach in no time.

The great thing about our lawn boundary in stone look is that they are flexible is expandable and that you can keep it so long and design it as large as you want. Be creative and transform yours Garden in the most creative garden in the world entire neighborhood and do your neighbors jealous!

Product specifications
Material: strong plastic (weatherproof)
Color: dark gray
Total height: About 23 cm
Width: About 26 cm
Pointed bottom: About 13 cm
Contains: 1 set with 10 sticks (good for 260cm)

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