LED Solar Shell Shape Fence Wall Light

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The working principle of LED solar shell fence wall light:

Solar light-controlled lights rely on solar panels to absorb sunlight during the day and convert them into electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable battery in the lamp body. When it gets dark at night, it will automatically turn on. Energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, convenient and simple. Solar shell cover design, the luminous effect is more cool.


LED solar shell fence wall lamp installation method:

1) Choose light color (warm white/RGB color)
2) Insert the shell acrylic lampshade into the slot of the lamp body and fix it, and then screw it to the wall with two screws.
LED solar shell fence wall lamp product advantages:

Solar wall lamp is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, green lighting, long life, durable, low failure repair rate, high non-radiation stability, simple installation (only need 2 screws to fix the product on the outdoor wall that can be exposed to sunlight), use Convenient, intelligent light sensor control, no need to adjust, energy saving and convenient, make your home more beautiful and intelligent.
LED solar shell fence wall lamp application scope:

Solar wall lights are suitable for outdoor environments such as corridors, corridors, garden gates, roof roofs, courtyard walls, villas, showcases, shops, homes, etc. No wiring, no electricity, exquisite craftsmanship and unique taste.


LED solar shell fence wall lamp product parameters:
[Solar panel]: 2V80MAH amorphous silicon high conversion solar panel
[Battery]: 1*1.2V/600mAh /AA/ Ni-MH rechargeable battery
[Light source]: 1 warm white light always bright / 1 RGB colorful gradient
【Lumens】: 10LM
【Working time】: 10-12 hours
[Charging time]: 6-8 hours
[Product function]: The light-controlled switch automatically lights up at night, and the darker the sky, the brighter the light
[Waterproof rating]: IP65
[Main material]: ABS+acrylic
[Lampshade color]: black
[Product size]: 3.5*2.2*3.1 inches
[Switch]: Manually select the light color (warm white or RGB color)


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