2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

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The summer is coming, the weather is getting hotter, and the mosquitoes that accompany you are worrying.

Now, Aisitin Mosquito killer lamp can solve this trouble for you and is the best choice for outdoor mosquito killing.


Can Accompany the Child to Sleep

Our products are equipped with atmosphere lamp function and mosquito lamp effect. It can be used when the child is sleeping at night. Do not let the child be afraid of the dark. It is also more convenient for parents to see if their children are sleeping well. With the help of mosquito lamps, don't worry if mosquitoes bother your children to sleep.


USB Charging

The mosquito killer lamp with USB interface will be more convenient to charge. the mosquito killer lamp can be charged using a laptop/car charger/mobile power supply/plug


Placed on the Table

What if you want to sit quietly at home but have been bothered by mosquitos? You can try using our mosquito light to stop your ears from buzzing with mosquitos.

Three Kinds of Adjustable Mosquito Lamp Brightness

With a fully charged battery

  • Low light ≥ 40 Lumen
  • Medium-bright 80% ≥ 80 Lumen
  • Glares 100% ≥ 100 Lumen

Mosquito killer lamp uses LED violet light technology and attractive LED lights at 8 x 365-400 nm. It is very deadly to mosquitoes and flying insects, can keep you away from mosquitoes and enjoy a happy time.

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