AISITIN Solar Fountain with 2000 Capacity Battery and 4 Fixed Rods, 3.5W Solar Powered Fountain Pump with LED Light for Garden

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AISITIN  Solar Fountain with 2000 Capacity Battery and 4 Fixed Rods, 3.5W Solar Powered Fountain Pump with White LED Light and 8 Nozzles for Bird Bath, Small Pond, Pool and Garden
  • White LED Light Solar Fountain Pump: Equipped with 24 high-brightness LED white lights, the solar powered bird bath fountain not only makes your garden interesting during the day, but also the battery is fully charged, it can show you a light fountain show for up to 4 hours, and then go to sleep to protect the battery.
  • With Battery: The solar fountain pump with battery backup and light, only needs to be placed in the water and exposed to enough sunlight, it will work automatically within three seconds. But when there is a cloud cover the sun. The solar water fountain will stop working. Because the battery will be stored for use at night.
  • Upgrade High Work Efficiency: The solar panel has a diameter of 20 cm / 7.87 inches, 9V/3.5W saves energy under the sun, and it is easy to store the excess solar energy in the battery.(Note: The intensity of sunlight will affect the spray height of the fountain, the normal height is (16-24inches, the spray height is automatically adjusted to 12inches/30cm at night).
  • Upgrade Accessories: Four fixed rods are installed on the fountain, which can effectively fix the fountain from the wind and pour water out of the bathtub. In this way, you do not need to add water frequently. The built-in upgraded filter cotton in the pump can reduce the clogging of impurities and the cleaning frequency (3 filter cottons are backed up for easy replacement and use)
  • 8 New Nozzle Styles: A variety of print head styles, you can easily disassemble and replace 8 different nozzle modes. Very suitable for bird baths, fish tanks, small ponds, swimming pools, garden decoration and oxygen circulating water.

Step 1: Install the parts of the fixed rod.
Step 2: Fasten the fixing rods at the four positions marked by the sponge at the bottom.
Step 3: cutting according to oneself bird tub size.

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