Handwoven Straw Bird Nest

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🌳Shelter From Cold And Predators🌳

During cold winter nights ( finches, chickadees, or sparrows … ) will roost inside this bird hut to stay warm. It provides a sheltered warm place for birds from cold biting winds, rain or snow. The handweavers, after much thought and consideration, have designed this fiber structure and provided an easy drainage of water from your chirping friend’s house during rains.

There are many animals around your garden that are a danger for little birds. This bird hut provides a safe hideaway for birds who are escaping predators. The perfect sized doesn’t allow the big predators like raccoons, hawks or kites to enter into our little friend’s safe house.

🐦SAFE SHELTER FOR BIRDS: There are many animals around your garden that are a danger for little birds. The bird hut provides a safe hideaway for birds who are escaping predators. And it can also be used as a place to protect against cold wind, rain, or snow.

🐦NATURAL FIBERS: This bird hut is made from 100% natural Straw. It is Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, durable, and breathable for little birds to nest in. The rough surface makes entrance and exit easier for birds, as well as provides natural drainage and ventilation. Pure natural material, the Birdcage has its own grass fragrance, and birds will like it very much.

🐦SUITABLE FOR MOST BIRDS AND SMALL PETS: Suitable for parakeets, budgie, cockatiel, finch, sparrows, the natural fibers will also make great bedding for your small pets. The product contains coconut fiber, which makes the Birdcage more warm and comfortable.

🐦BIRD RESTING PLACE & BEAUTIFUL DECORATIONS: You can hang as many of these hanging grass bird huts around your garden or on your porch to attract all types of little birds. It is also a beautiful decoration and can be an attraction for porches and gardens.

🐦EASY TO CLEAN: As it’s natural, it’s dust free and doesn’t have many particles. This makes it easier to clean your pet’s cage. Can be washed, then dried. It can be reused and is friendly to the environment. The product also includes iron wire for installing the Birdcage, making the installation process easier.


The bird house is approximately3.9*3.9*3.9 inches / 10*10*10 cm

Weight: 50g

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