3.5W Solar Fountain Pump ( Without battery , 7.8 inch , 14-lobe solar panel )

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solar fountain

3.5W Solar Fountain Pump, with 14-lobe solar panel absorb solar light in all aspects , with 6 Nozzles, for Bird Bath, Fish Tank, Pond or Garden Decoration Solar Aerator Pump. 

Give your backyard a touch of nature with the Solar-Powered Bird Fountain Kit, instantly turning any body of water into a relaxing birdbath, it requires no wiring and is powered completely off the sun! Great for attracting birds, it makes a great feature in any pool, backyard, fish tank, pond, or existing birdbath.

Product Description

  • 【Upgrade 3.5W Solar Panel】: 3.5W solar fountain pump is driven by solar energy and it can be working in just 3 seconds while under the sunlight. Upgrade 3.5w high quality solar panel allows the water pump to work continuously, even when the sunlight is weak. Eco-friendly and economy with no batteries attached.

  • 【Different Mode with 6 Nozzles】: Solar water fountain packed with different 6 nozzles, the solar fountain will show different spray shapes and spray patterns with the different nozzle application. The spray height is adjustable and can reach 50-80cm. It will be easily to attract the birds in your garden.

  • 【Easy to Use】: Just put the solar aerator pump in the water(under sunlight), and wait 3 seconds to see the gorgeous fountain show. The effect will be better while the sunlight is strength. No external installation, no need batteries. Easy access to get the beautiful things. It is also can be a floating pool fountain.


  • 【Durable and Reliable】: This solar pond fountain use the upgrade technical solar panel, better quality than the elder versions. It helps a lot to adapt the harsh environments and avoid to be broken. Support a long term use in the ponds, bird baths and outdoors, please clean the pump regularly to avoid clogging with dust.

  • 【Multi-purpose】: 3.5W solar fountain is designed for bird bath, water decoration and oxygen circulating water. It proper to use for bird baths, fish tanks, outdoor gardens, ponds and swimming pools.


Warm Tips :

  1. Before use it, please remove the film which covers the solar panel, then put it in water, wait less than 3 seconds to start.
  2.  Please Check and ensure the water level is not less than 1 inch(2.54cm)
  3. We suggest clean the pump regularly to avoid the pump from getting stuck.
  4. The pump may not work under the 3 situations :
  • No sunlight.
  • The pump is stuck by debris.
  • The water level is too low. Water should at least 1 inch (2.54 cm)


  • The power of the solar panel: 7V 3.5W
  • The diameter of the solar panel: 18cm(7.09in)
  • Power of the pump: 7V 1.5W
  • The maximum flow rate of pump: 400L / H
  • The maximum delivery head of pump: 150cm(4.92ft)
  • Maximum water jet height: 80cm(2.62ft)

Product information

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