Rusty Metal Garden Decoration—a father's day gift for DAD

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When it is a daughter,father is a person that helps in building her character. But when it is a son then the whole nature of the father gets over to the son. This makes the notion very clear that a father plays a very important role in a child’s life. The child’severy move and steps in the life get reflected through the father’s action and reaction. So, this father’s day makes it sure that your father receives some hearty wishes from you and make the day special with some exciting gifts and tons of love.
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Metal, Rusty Metal, Steel
  • Size: 30*30 cm / 11.8*11.8 inch

    The perfect Dad Birthday or something for Fathers Day.......Something just that little bit different to hang on a garden wall or fence panel, a beautiful fishing scene set within a circular saw blade, and hand rusted for a unique finish.

    Why Rusty?

    The rusty patina gives a natural and individual finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all the Saw blade requires no maintenance, no touch-up, and does not need protection from bad weather, thereby enabling you to enjoy this piece of garden art all year round and year after year.

    Each piece is lovingly cut from new steel and then hand rusted to create a unique and natural looking piece, that looks stunning in contrast to the vibrant greenery of any garden.

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