Smart Automation Home Hydroponics Kit

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The GreenLit Neo is our entry level  indoor hydroponics is fully automated and perfect for those getting into hydroponics or just in sectional decoration and addition to other gardening systems. It is compact and has enough space for 12 plants making it ideal for those who want to cultivate flowers, herbs and small fruiting plants and vegetables. The unit has dual light modes which you can switch between Flower and Fruit  and Vegetable mode for growing your leafy vegetables. The adjustable light stand allows you to adjust the optimum height of the lighting panel throughout the grow phases.

Product Description

  • Material: Plastic.
  • Package Includes :
    • 1pcs* Soil-less cultivation planting box
    • 1*Outer packaging,
    • 1*Host computer,
    • 1*Aluminum telescopic rod,
    • 12*Planting basket,
    • 12*Nursery block,
    • 1*Power Adapter.


  • Soil-less cultivation: no bacteria, no insects.
  • Automatic water cycle Pump: water does not rot, no smell,Increase oxygen availability.
  • Adjustable lampshade: Can be freely adjusted according to the height of the plant. Closer to the plant, the stronger the light intensity.
  • Two mode of planting: Can grow vegetables and fruits,Leafy plants.
  • Large capacity: 4L large capacity. Water level scale with transparent window for water tank.

Planting method

  • Place the seedling block in the planting basket and soak in the water.
  • Place the soaked planting basket on the planting cover.
  • Soak the seeds in water for two hours in advance (different soaking time according to different seed characteristics).
  • Put the seeds in a soaked seedling block with a small tweezers.
  • Add water to the planting tank to the 4L mark and add the prepared nutrient solution.
  • Turn on the light after the seed has grown two leaves, and adjust the light board to the lowest position.
  • The water should be replaced once every 20 days and after the seedling grows up. Unplug the silicone plug behind the planter to drain the water. 
  • Pay attention to the water level. Add the nutrient solution once a week to keep the water level at 4L.
  • Once running, the lights are on for 18 hours and then off for 6 hours. No need to set the time manually.


  • Due to shipping restrictions, the product does not include seeds or nutrient solutions.
  • If you have questions, you can ask customer service.
  • Note : 1 inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.39inch.
  • There might be slightly difference in color,because of the computer monitor settings.
  • Note : With the difference in the measurement method,Please allow 1-3 cm deviation in size .

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