Succulent Hand Tools Set

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16 Pieces Mini Hand Transplanting Succulent Miniature Planting, Set for Indoor, Potting, Cactus, Houseplant, Bonsai Tools, Bonsai Kit

Is your potted soil loose?

The soil area in the pot is small, and the root system can only be tightly coiled in the flower pot and cannot extend freely. With long-term watering and fertilization, the surface of the pot soil is hardened, which affects the root respiration and hinders the growth of new roots. Potted soil loosening is essential! Use our 20-piece gardening tools kit to meet your different gardening needs.


- This succulent garden tool set serves as a perfect gift for the gardening lover.

- It works very well for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants.

- Easy carry and lightweight. Easy wash after every use, pat dry.

- The suclent tools set meets your various needs like digging, watering, loosening soil, transnting, cleaning, pruning, weeding and so on, suitable for succunt plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants

The hand succulent planting tools meets your various gardening needs, digging, watering, loosening soil, transplanting, cleaning, pruning, hydroponics growing etc., suitable for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants, etc. 


WHAT YOU GET (16pcs) -- 3 succulent tools (shovel rake spade), 3 Pcs Plant Labels ,1 large drip bottle with curved mouth, 1 plastic bucket shovel,1 dig seedling tool, 1 hole puncher, 1 plastic seedling tool, 1 air dust blower, 1 cleaning brush, 1 curved tweezers, 1 straight tweezers, 1 leaf trimmer, 1 watering spray bottle, 

HIGH QUALITY -- All tools are made of premium stainless steel, iron, plastic. They are sturdy, no-rust for long-term use. Unlike other wooden handle, their handles are made of durable plastic, no crack, which is easy to clean after use.

WIDELY USED -- These succulent tools allows you to easily handle succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants, etc. They are especially perfect for gardening lovers, ideal for miniature planting and creating a mini garden, adding a touch green for your life.

BEST GIFT: Our mini succulent garden tool set is lightweight and easy to carry, good present for wedding, hostess, birthdays, Mothers' or Fathers' Day, Christmas and other holidays. The unique designed succulent bonsai planter carrier will make a great impression with friends. A thoughtful/perfect gift for gardening lover.

💦Unlike a spray bottle, squeeze bottles allow you to easiku control where the water goes. This way, you can avoid getting water on succulents leaves, which alsı means you can significantly minimize the risk of rotten leaves, especially in humid weather.

🌿The next item we want to mention is this mini scoop. It’s the perfect tool for adding soil to fill in spaces in an arrangement or to add topdressing if you want a more polished look for your planters.

The mini bucket makes it really easy to scoop and move soil to add on top of large succulents containers.

🌸When repoting succulent or transfer pups to soil, this transplanting tool is our favourite. It has two sides. The split of it can be used to press down soil around the stem or to lift the plant or cuttings when repoting or propagating. If you don’t want to touch your succulents for fear of hurting them. The other side is a mini scoop used to touch up your arrangement.

Another set of tool that we think it’s perfect for succulent beginner is this wooden set including 3 essential tools.

🌺This multipurpose tool is super helpful for leveling, smoothing, or removing soil from roots when you need to repot your succulent. We also love to use it to clear up or fallen leaves to keep your succulent clean and healthy.

👩‍🌾Next is this mini spade. It’s specially designed to use intight spaces to scoop and move soil. So, if you’re someone who loves to come up with succulents DIY and arrangement projects, you’ll find this tool really handy. With narrow blade and long handle, you can easily add soil to densely planted borders or touch up crowded succulent arrangements.

They definitely will make gardening much easier since there’re versatile items.

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